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    go like a bomb = bomb down

    Dear teachers,

    I know the interpretation of the expression “go like a bomb” used in the following sentence.

    I’ll help you. It ain’t so bad. She’ll go like a bomb. (A. Sillitoe, “A Start in Life”)

    go like a bomb = rush along, ride at fool speed

    May I accept that the expression “bomb down” has the same interpretation?

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: go like a bomb = bomb down

    I've never heard 'bombed down', except where the 'down' is a preposition attached to another noun (and 'bombed' = 'went like a bomb': 'The car bombed down the road...'

    The Sillitoe quote seems to be about speed. You can also use 'go down like a bomb' to denote success: 'The West End opening was a great success. The show went down like a bomb.'

    Ther is a risk of confusion here, in a transatlantic context, as when a show 'bombs on Broadway' it doesn't go down like a bomb () it goes down like a lead Zeppelin ()


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