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Thread: I Need Advice

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    I Need Advice

    My name is fuad and my problem is, i can understand English but i can not respond fluently. i feel some shyness about that. to overcome this, what do i have to do? Please tell me.


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    Re: I Need Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by fuad View Post
    My name is Fuad and my problem is that I can understand English but I can not (speak)(respond) fluently.
    Do you mean that you only have trouble when you try to repond to what someone else says or that you always have trouble speaking English?

    I feel some shyness about that. To overcome this, what do I have to do? Please tell me.

    A new language can only be learned well by studying it and using it a lot. You cannot be shy or afraid to make mistakes!!

    I think you have a different problem than many language learners have.
    Many of us learn some grammar and vocabulary and are able to make ourselves understood. The big problem is that native speakers then speak very fast and use words that we don't know or recognize, so we don't understand what they are saying.

    I think your problem is an easier one to solve. Speak boldy but don't try to be perfect; do the best you can and concentrate on making yourself understood. You will gradually improve, especially if you can find someone willing to help you learn English. Listen to many English conversations.
    Good luck!

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