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    Exclamation Meaning

    Hello my dear masters,
    would you please tell me the meaning of these sentences?

    1)I'm more that a little annoyed with you
    2)get real.
    3)pitty party.
    4)We have got alot on.
    5)Here is the best way to upgrade your ride.
    6)What`s in your drive way?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Meaning

    1) I'm very annoyed with you.
    2) What you just said is unrealistic, impractical or foolish.
    3) A person who seeks undeserved sympathy wants a pity party.
    4) I don't think this idiom is complete. We have a lot on our minds...We have a lot on our plates...We have a lot on our schedules...all mean that we are very busy. Side note: Many English speakers think that alot is a word in the English language. It isn't.
    5) Upgrade means improve, ride is slang for car.
    6) What kind of car do you have? Your driveway (one word) is the paved path from the street to your house or garage. Many people leave their cars in their driveways because they are proud of them.

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