Violent Movie
There is different idea about violent movie effects on people. Some believe these kinds of movie make people more violent and they learn new bad things such as: shooting, rob the bank, killing, terror, etc. Their reason is these movies teach new techniques to breeds crime. Furthermore, as they say in marketing and advertisement, when people listen and watch or see something repeatedly (for a long time) even if it was violent or lie, they accept that and violent movie affect people in this way.
On the other hand, some other believe that these movies can stopped (prevent) increase of crime and violent. They say people know that gun is dangerous but they can't imagine that careless may cause what bad events. Also they will be advise of some frauds and deceptions.
Which group is right?
In my opinion, both of them are right. If you look this matter from point of former you understand that is right for exp. Children imitate everything and it can cause big problem and danger if they imitate of these movies, which we can see today (increase in kidnapping).
In the other hand I am agree with the awareness's role of violent movie in alerting people about real crimes in society.