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    landmark (n)/ landmark (adj.)

    Dear teachers,

    Would you tell me your opinion about the interpretation of the expression in bold in the following sentence?

    The church on the hilltop was a well-known landmark

    landmark (n) = the position of a prominent or well-known object in a particular landscape; reference poin

    The agreement was a landmark in the history of both nations.

    landmark (n) = an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend; an event or accomplishment of great significance; turning-point

    “A New Hope” is seen as the landmark film in the modern science-fiction genre, redefining everything we know about film and special effects.

    landmark (adj.) = having great import or significance; turning;

    Thanks for your efforts.


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    Re: landmark (n)/ landmark (adj.)

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    Re: landmark (n)/ landmark (adj.)

    Landmark is also used as a verb. "This historic church has been landmarked by the Preservation Commission."

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