I would be very, very thankful to anyone who could read my essay and correct my mistakes. The essay is about film 'The Holiday' - I have to write about what I like and what I dislike about it.

The Holiday
First of all, I have to admit I don’t really like romantic comedy films. This is not because I don’t like films about love – I do, but most of romantic comedies seems to be a bit artificial for me. They usually are very predictable and all main characters are happy at the end – but this is not the way the life “works”. So, I was rather sceptical before watching this movie and I was expecting another schematic picture in which at the beginning everyone is unhappy and brokenhearted but at the end they become involved and start to enjoy their life. I wasn’t wrong about this but ‘The Holiday’ wasn’t ‘this’ bad – it was actually quite enjoyable.

The strongest point of the film are definitely characteristic heroes. The four main characters are completely different and the acting is really remarkable. Amanda Woods (Cameroon Diaz) is highly emotional and spontaneous American film trailer director. I enjoyed many funny scenes with her, especially the one in which she’s doing some very amusing expressions along with Iris’ dog. In general, I’d say Diaz was absolutely the best actress. Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) – a heartbroken, unhappy Englishwomen, working for The Daily Telegraph. I didn’t like her very much because after all that time she still couldn’t managed to tell Jasper to get out from her life, but when she finally did it, I was very impressed. This was one of the best moments in this film. Graham Simpkins – Iris’ brother and single father was definitely my favorite character in ‘The Holiday’. He has a very interesting personality and despite his very difficult life situation, he is optimistic and cheerful. Miles Dumont – naïve, calm American music composer who constantly fell in love with ‘inappropriate’, unfaithful women. I took him as rather annoying person, but at the second half of the film, there were some great scenes with him, for example the one in the movie library.
What I also like in ‘The Holiday’ are some cool dialogues. Like the one from the beginning of the film when Amanda is arguing with her boyfriend. “No, it’s okay. I’ll be alright” she says, and he answers: “I know, I know; I’m thinking about me.” The greetings when Amanda and Sophie – Graham’s daughter meet for the first time made me laugh: “Hi” says Amanda and Sophie replies immediately “How do you do?” showing her good manners.
‘The Holiday’ besides the main plot has also a secondary story about Arthur Abbott, a retired screenwriter, who befriends Iris. I really value this because in my opinion it is a very important message to society about the old people who are often isolated from the rest of us despite the fact that they can be very interesting and wise and have many interesting stories to tell youngers.
What I don’t like in the film was the fact that Iris and Miles fall in love with each other. They both had many in common (most notably being cheated by the persons they loved) but for me it looked just silly when suddenly at the end of the film they become infatuated with each other. I’d change that and made them just really good friends.

At the end, I’d say it was not bad film and I don’t regret watching it. In spite of, I’d change some things in scenario and it was a bit too long, I must say I was surprised when it turned out to be rather interesting.