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The earth is being filled with waste material such as plastic bags and other rubbish. Is this really happening? What are some solutions to this problem?

Gives reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
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Non-degradable wastes are something which doesn’t get decayed and remain as such for several decades. Plastics and related materials are one classical example for non-degradable materials. The advent of basic polymeric compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyaniline (PA) led to wide spread use of these inexpensive and highly useful materials. Despite their utility these materials pose a serious environmental threat, as they are highly stable and also resists to decay. There is no doubt that in last few decades there is a lot of concern about large volume of these meterials are being dumped, without properly realizing its threat to the nature. However there are several alternatives available for this serious environmental problem.

The first important solution is the use of paper bags instead of polymeric materials. Paper bags are recyclable, which means once they became useless we can always reprocess them to make a new paper based material, which can be further developed various useful materials. Apart from that making paper based bags and materials doenst involve heavy use of chemicals, which means we are making them in an environmentally friendly way. The most important point is that these paper based materials are highly degradable, and hence a eco-friendly material.

The other important alternative is the use of bio-degradable plastics, which are made using polymeric backbone but are highly bio-degradable. The use of these materials is manifold as they not only give rigidity and tensile strength when compared to traditional plastics, but also they are highly degradable materials. Other than that when these materials are recycled, you can create many useful products. These days you can see a number of materials are made up of recycled plastic as an effective alternative.

In conclusion, it is true that there is a growing threat to environment as a huge volume of non-degradable materials like plastics are dumped. However there are several effective alternatives available to overcome this problem, like the use of paper based materials and bio-degradable plastics. So these measures are very indispensable for a healthy and safe environment.