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    Smile a frugal life

    Is the following sentence acceptable?

    (1) I'm planning to buy a single-lens reflex camera, but it will cost me a lot.
    (2) So I have to live a frugal life to save enough money to buy one.

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    Re: a frugal life


    Yes, I believe both sentences are acceptable. They are grammatically correct.

    As a native speaker, I might change the second sentence to one of the following:

    1. "So I have to be frugal to save enough money to buy one." (first choice) or
    2. "So I have to live frugally to save enough money to buy one."

    Saying that you "have to live a frugal life" sounds a little strange to me. It sounds a bit like you have to live frugally for the rest of your life and not just for a short period while you save for a camera.


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