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    Smile passge

    There is also a passage that need corrction,,,,,,,,,,,
    This movei has been made for children, therefore, It has been designed regarding children psychology. Children usually show their interst in magical world, this is the reason has always inspired many directors to produce the moveis in which we are seen the world of faries.Almost in evrey movie there is a hero seen fighting with satanic powers very courageously. He is the symbolic of virtue, and every story ends with a moral lesson that goodness always overcomes vice.But as for as this movie is concernd, The director of the movie has tried to do something different in this movie. Although he has done effort to satisfy children's imaginative thrust, he also did not ignore the demands of the modren age at all.And the blend of imagination and realit is actually the beauty of the movie.There are many beautiful scens in the movie presented so artisticaly that we move to believe ourself in some really dreamy world.The costuams of the actors have also been designed to the demands of the story. Every one in the movie is fit to one's role and performed so great that seems to fill the colour of realilty in the dream like story.In the movei we are also given a didactic lesson that by making that an costant effort man can build heaven in this physical world.Or in other words if we have energy to work hard, nothing is imposible for us in this world.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: A dialogue and a passage

    Here's the first part...Sounds very good! Very natural...

    Dinnah: Hello, May i talk to Robert?
    Dinnah: Hello! May I talk to Robert?

    John:Who is speaking.(or) Who is there?
    John: Who is this? of Who's this?

    Dinah:This is Dinna Speaking, Robert's friend.
    Dinah: This is Dinah, Robert's friend. (Or, This is Dinah, I'm a friend of Robert's)

    John:Sorry Dinnah Robert is not home at the moment.
    John. Oh. Sorry Dinah, Robert's not home (or Not here at the moment.)

    Dinnah:Oh, it is ok. I will call him later.
    Dinah: Oh, okay, I'll call him later. (We rarely say "will"... almost alway use the contraction 'll)

    John:Actually,There are some guests coming from London, he has gone to receive them at the airport.

    John: Actually, he has some friends (some folks, some people) coming IN from London, and he went to GET THEM FROM (or MEET THEM AT, or PICK THEM UP AT) the airport.

    Well, If you have any message for him, let me know i will give him your message when he will be back home.
    If you want, I can take a message for him for when he gets back.

    Dinna:No. But plz do tell him about my phone call.
    Dinah: No, that's okay. But please do tell him about my call, OR Please let him know I called.

    John:Yeah sure.
    Johh: Yeah, sure. OR Yeah, okay, I will OR No problem, I will.

    Dinah:Thanks........Oh, i did not ask ur name.
    Dinah: Thanks... Oh, I didn't ask your name OR Oh, I'm sorry, what was your name?

    John:So what? You can ask my name now...haha. By the way i am john, Robert's brother.

    John: So what? You can ask my name now... ha ha.. (Very good writing! Cute joke...)

    By the way I am John, Robert's brother.
    I'm John, Robert's brother.

    Dinah:Oh, nice to talk to you, John.

    John: the same here.
    John: Same here.

    Dinah:I hope we will see soon.
    Dinah: I hope to see you soon.

    John: Sure. And i am sure that u will be as happy to see me as happy u are to talk to me.
    John: Sure. And I'm sure you'll be as happy to see me as you are happy to talk to me.

    Dinah:Haha..........ok let's see. Bye Jojn.
    Dinah: Ha ha... we'll see. Okay, bye John.

    John:OK bye.
    John: Okay, bye... OR Okay, see you later.. OR Okay, see ya later.. OR Cya later.

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    Question Re: thx

    Thanks Robert. I have learnt a lot, and i think it's a lot for me to digest I hope you'll continue your help with my English. Please find out mistakes in the paragraph as well.
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