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    * Could you help me explain the meaning of these jobs:
    - A Bell Captain.
    - A Desk Clerk.
    - A Bellman Receptionist.
    * Could you explain the meaning and usage of these questions:
    - " What difference does it make?"
    - "Are you on the phone?"
    Thank you for your help.
    Have a nice day.

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    Re: Jobs

    Bell captain- supervises bellhops (people who carry luggage etc)
    Desk clerk- receptionist
    Bellman receptionist- a bellman carries luggage and does errands (little jobs the guests want doing)

    What difference does it make?- This can either mean what it says or can be a rhetorical question implying that something will not be very different or important.
    Are you on the phone?- Do you have a phone?/ can you be contacted by phone?

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