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    Red face Short Form of Words

    hallo again! i've got one request it`s about short fore of words like this^: kina, sorta, musta bin, havta...and stuff. i wud just like to ask u where can i find all kind of such form of words? if u know such words write to me them ok? thanks a lot!

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    Re: Short Form of Words

    These are such hard words in English...

    Good students in other countries learn correct English, such as
    "What do you want to do?" Then they get off the airplane here and hear:
    "Wad da ya wanna dew?" or "Wadahyawannado?"

    Not correct English, but it IS what you will hear. No one ever says, "What . do . you . want . to . do...." it is always run together, wadaya wanna do?

    ALL OF THESE ARE FOR SPEAKING, FOR SOUND ONLY. NEVER write words like this when you are trying to use correct English, they are never correct..

    But, these ARE the sounds you will hear when people speak.

    Kinda = Kind of = almost = I kinda did my homework... maybe one half.

    Sorta = Sort of = almost again

    Hafta = Have to = Quick! I hafta run, I am late.

    Musta = Must have = I musta been stupid when I decided to learn English

    Wanna = Want to = You wanna eat now?

    gotta = got to = have to = I gotta go, class is starting

    dunno = don't know = I dunno, maybe I can stay.

    wudja = would you = Wudja eat with me if I paid for it?

    cudja = could you = Cudja eat with me if you have time?

    Ya = you = Ya wanna go eat?

    Cya = see you = "I'll see you later." "Okay, cya."

    Kay = Okay = I gotta go, kay?

    Those are some, I am sure there are a lot more.
    Brrrrrrr... I don't even like writing those words... I sound like my 13 year old daughter when I type like that... ya know, dude? Kay, gotta go... cya.

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    Re: Short Form of Words

    Thank ya for help! if i need sth else i will go here again!

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