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    Question Please help me !

    I’m now very confused about using “Present countinious” and “Future continious” to express the future !...
    For example :
    I’m going to school
    I will be going to school
    Can you show me the difference and when we can use them ?
    Thanks alots

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    Re: Please help me !

    No problem.

    Present continuous.. action, happening NOW, today, this moment.

    I am writing this sentence.
    I am typing.
    I am sitting at my computer.
    You are reading these words.
    You are learning English.
    I am getting sleeply.

    Future... action, NOT happening today, WILL happen in future.

    I will go to work tomorrow at six.
    I will eat lunch with a friend.
    I will listen to the radio at work.
    I will eat.... a salad for lunch tomorrow.
    I will drink too much Diet Coke tomorrow.

    Future Continuous. Same as Future, BUT for some reason, I want to talk about the TIME PERIOD during that action.

    I will be working at seven. (The future tense told you that I will go to work at six. But here, I want to tell you that at seven, work will be happening.. at that time, I will be working, work will be happening.)

    I will be eating lunch when you call. (DURING the time I eat lunch, you will call.)

    I will be listening to the radio while I work. (The time period that I listen to the radio will be happening while I work.)

    I will be eating a salad while you will be hungry. (During the time you are hungry, during that time period, I will spend the time eating my salad.)

    I will be finishing my work at five. (When the clock turns five, I will be doing the action of 'finishing my work.)

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    Talking Re: Please help me !

    Thanks a lots...I may got it


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