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    what does the joke mean?

    Dear teachers,
    the following is a joke about doctors, I don't understand it.
    St.Peter was welcoming a new arrival when a red Ferrari driven by a bearded older man in a tweed hat zoomed at full speed through the pearly gates. "Who's that?" asked the new arrival." oh" said St. Peter, "That's God. He thinks he's a doctor."

    Does this joke admire doctors or satire doctors? if it satires, what does it satire? and by the way, do Americans like doctor or dislike doctor?

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    Re: what does the joke mean?

    Hello JJ

    It satirizes doctors: the idea is that doctors think they're above God, and act as if they were above God.

    The joke rests on God's apparent sharing of this assumption: he acts as if he's a doctor.


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