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    What do these mean?
    1) Try not to break into song
    2) Who’s your puff dady?

    3) Dreams can begin small; you just have to bet it all => what does” bet it all” mean?
    4) What the daisy?

    5) that is all gravy
    6) Don’t sweat it

    7) Get into one’s face
    8) You are so broke

    9) Which one is more common in AmE (crib, cot ,manger)
    10) Give me a grow

    Best wishes

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    Re: meaning4

    1) To break into song means to start singing for no reason other than enthusiasm or joy.

    2) Whose your daddy? is an American slang term meaning "I'm better than you at this" usually delivered in the context of an athletic contest.

    Puff-daddy is the nickname of an American rap singer (talker?) named Sean Combs. #2 is some kind of combination of these two.

    3) Bet it all means to risk everything from money to emotional well-being.

    4) I haven't heard this, but I assume daisy is a euphamism for a profane word that usually ends the what the-----! phrase.

    5) Gravyusually means a reward that you don't have to work hard (or at all) for.

    6) Don't get upset, or work too hard for it.

    7) Confront someone directly, in person.

    8) You have no money.

    9) a crib is a bed for a baby or a slang term for a place to live, a cot is a folding, portable bed, a manger is a food trough for farm animals.

    10) I've never heard this.


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