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Thread: correct usage

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    Question correct usage

    If I was relating a story to someone about a past event, what would be the correct term for where we were - "we were sat in the kitchen," or "we were sitting in the kitchen"?
    What is the difference between the two and how and when should they be used?

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    Re: correct usage

    I told a story... I spoke, I used my words, I was telling the story, I was speaking, I did the action.


    I was told a story... I had a story told TO ME, THEY talked, THEY spoke the words, THEY were speaking, they did the action to me.


    I sat in the kitchen OR I was sitting in the kitchen... I was doing the sitting, I walked into the kitchen and sat on a chair, I did the action.

    I was sat in the kitchen... THEY told me to 'sit down!'... THEY gave the order, THEY gave the instruction, THEY were the boss... THEY 'sat' me in the kitchen, and later, THEY 'sat' me in the bedroom.. THEY do the action.

    "The boy went to school, and he WAS PUT in a class. When he walked into the class, the teacher SAT HIM in the back row. The teacher TOLD HIM a story, then SENT HIM to lunch. After, she SAT HIM in the front row, and TOLD HIM to go home. HE said, stop giving me so many orders...

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