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    the fat is in the fire

    Dear teachers,

    Would you tell me your opinion concerning the interpretations of the expression in bald in the following sentences?

    There will be a row. I knew there would: and began all the fat’s in the fire. (E. Thackeray, “Pendennis” )

    The fat was in the fire when a journalist Jack Scantlebury, having a look round for English investors, said in an article to the newspapers that hundreds of thousands of pounds was being lost by shareholders, through gold stealing on the mines. (K. S. Pritchard, “Golden Miles”)

    "Yes," murmured Sir Lawrence, watching her, "the fat is in the fire,'' as old Forsyte would have said. (J. Galsworthy)

    the fat is in the fire = bad things, trouble, a catchy bit of work, things are getting complicated, a step has been taken, some* thing done, which commits to further action, or will produce excitements, indignation

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: the fat is in the fire

    ***Not a teacher***

    I think your definition is a good one.

    The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary has:

    said when something has been said or done that will cause a lot of trouble"

    I guess when fat spills out of a saucepan into the flames on the cooker, you get a sudden burst of fire - perhaps this is where the expression derives from.


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