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    "knocking them off kilter"

    Hi. I can't find the meaning of this phrase. Please explain or give me a definition. Thank you very much!!!

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    Re: "knocking them off kilter"

    "Out of kitler" or "off kilter" both mean 'out of order' or 'not working correctly.' You can use either "out of" or "off"... they mean the same.

    Me: "Tom, you are playing very bad football today, what is the problem?"
    Tom: "I don't know, I am just off kilter today for some reason. Maybe I am tired."
    Me: "Well, I wish you would play better. When you are bad you throw the rest of us off kilter."

    "I was ready to study very hard, but then my car broke down on the way to school... I got there late, I was hot and dirty... that really threw me off kilter."

    "Well, your car has been out of kilter for a long time now, right? It breaks down all the time."

    "Robert, you have failed your last three tests. I don't know why, but for some reason your learning is out of kilter. Can you do something to get back on track, and be as good as you were before?"


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