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    meaning of "not much for"

    In the sentence, "I'm not much for giving advice," what does not much for mean?

    Another example: I'm not much for your money/online news/stars, etc...and it seems that it's commonly constructed that way especially using examples from the web...Anyway can it be constructed as much for to mean the opposite. If so, please provide an example or two of sentences using such construction.

    Does not much for mean the same as being big on something (which accdg. to Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms is believing that something is good or important)?

    Ex: She's not big on sales and marketing and all that.

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    Re: meaning of "not much for"

    ***Not a teacher***

    Yes I think you have defined it well.

    I think in most of the examples you gave, you may also hear "I am not one for...."

    For example:
    "I'm not one for big parties."

    If I heard someone say "I am not much for...." - I would assume it means a similar thing - i.e. "I am not much in favour of...." or "I am not big on..." as you wrote in your post.


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