I have written the following letter of motivation for my application to a masters program, and I would really appreciate someone proof reading it, and maybe telling me if the wording isn't out of line in some places (I am a literature lover, so I tend to go overboard with complicated phrases that sometimes defy grammar )

Thank you in advance!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to the CEMS Master in International Management program.

The international orientation of the programme is what attracted me to it most, and this is also what truly resonates with my own career aspirations - the promise of global career opportunities, and the chance to broaden my horizons and to grow professionally as well as personally. I strongly believe that gaining experience abroad is one of the opportunities that has the most potential to define one’s character. It teaches flexibility, adaptability, patience and the intangible, but priceless social skills that will prove essential in any aspect of life.

The last three and a half years I spent pursuing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the WU have been a time of self discovery. I learned so much from my teachers, from my peers, but also a great deal about my own strenghts and weaknesses. This led me to believe that true strength does not lie in being flawless, but in conquering one's weaknesses and turning them into an opportunity to grow. Like any student, I have had successes and setbacks, but I see both categories in a positive light, because most stumbling blocks gave way to greater triumphs in the end.

Regarding my experiences abroad, given that I am originally from Romania, my whole time spent studying in Vienna was a wonderful and tumultuous undertaking, that brought me out of my comfort zone and made me who I am today. I consider my background in Eastern Europe one of my greatest advantages. It gives me perspective on so many aspects of my life and the lives of others. My experience allows me the chance to avoid having a one sided view in many matters, be it the state of the European Union or the role of women in the workplace.

I sincerely think that, beyond the actual curriculum, the most important thing that college has taught me is a new way of thinking about the world. It is a mental attitude that combines self-confidence with the courage to face any challenge and the knowledge to back it up. Although this could be understood as arrogance, it is far from it. It is a feeling of accomplishment, of empowerment, based on the conviction that I have the tools I need to construct a plan and make it a reality.

I truly hope that, by accepting my application, you will allow me to acquire new and better tools, and thereby be able to step up to the challenge of my dreams.

Thank you for granting the time to review my application.

Best regards,