I am now applying a grant from an association to be an exchange student to study abroad. I would be very glad if any expert is kind enough to help giving some ideas for my following questions.

I am required to write a motivation letter. I have two choices of universities in two different countries with different majors offered. I am not sure which party will be reviewing my motivation letter. Should I totally avoid talking about the reason I choose the majors and the universities? What should I write about? Also, I am not indicated to sent a CV, but is it to sent a motivation letter already means a CV is already included in the motivation letter?

Last but not least, I am also asked to sent a research plan and a future plans. What should be included in each of them and what should be the proper length for each of them?

Thank you. ( if there is any grammar mistake in this post, please also kindly point them out, I appreciate your help.)