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  1. mohammad

    meaning 5

    Hi dears

    What do these mean?

    2) Donít bother coming home (usually after bother we are going to have to+ infinitive) I heard it in a film

    3) Lover lamps

    4) Hide-out

    5) What does Hairpin mean in this sentence?
    ďThe past year has been a hair pin turn for ArmstrongĒ

    6) I really donít know what to do,although I know the six types of conditional sentences ,every film I watch I sea a new type of conditional sentence please tell me the difference between

    E.g. If I havenít been out there none of these would have have happened
    If I hadenít been out there none of these would have have happened
    If he didnít think you were good enough he wouldnít have given you the assignment


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    Re: meaning 5

    2) The gerund form of a verb is also fine with bother. "Don't bother coming home" means "I know you would rather not be here, and I don't want you here either so don't..."

    3) I have no idea. I'll guess that it's an amateurish metaphor for eyes.

    4) A hide-out is a place to hide from the law, etc. for a long period of time. It is also a verb meaning to use a hide-out. "The bandits went to their hide-out in a cave in the mountains where they hid out all winter.

    5) A hairpin turn is a turn (such as on a mountain road) that doubles back on itself. In your sentence it is used as a metaphor for a difficult and abrupt reversal of direction.

    6) #1 If I haven't... The thing did not happen. If (since would be better) I haven't seen your sister, then I couldn't have told her about your accident.

    #2 If I hadn"t... The thing happened, but I wish that it did not.

    #3 There is no significant difference in meaning between "If he didn't think..." and "If he hadn't thought..."

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