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    Question Help......About " The West Wing" (1)

    How do I understand the phrase " pick up the scent" in this context? Can you give me a few examples about how to use this phrase? Thanks a lot for your help!!!

    C.J., has--

    But that shouldn’t stop you from asking them anyway. Chris?

    Has the President had any reaction to Josh on the show?

    None that I’m aware of.

    Do you know--

    Seriously, that’s it. I’ll get you wheels down time when I’ve got it. [continues to wall through the hallway and is intercepted by Toby]

    They’re picking up the scent.

    Billy is. The rest of ‘em are picking up Billy’s scent.

    Josh is gonna come to the coffee.

    Keep him cool.
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    Re: Help......About " The West Wing" (1)

    It comes from hunting- dogs pick up the scent of an animal and chase it, so when someone picks up the scent, they start to detect something.

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