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    Please, correct the errors

    I am a spanish native speaker and I am making a translation from spanish into english, and I made the english translation as follows :

    On christmas time

    On december 24th. I got up early in the morning to buy the ingredients for the dinner ( or supper), then after preparing it I cleaned the house as is proper, looked for my son Daniel at my mother's house later, and in the night the whole family have dinner ( or the dinner or the supper).

    The next day everything was as normal, My husband Manuel was watching T,V, while I was doing the chores of the house, and so it was from 25 to 29.

    On the day 30th. I got up early again for going to the beauty parlor to have my hair done, when I got there the owner of the beauty parlor was going to La Duarte ( a commercial street in santo Domingo) to buy some merchandises for the beauty shop, I spent almost the whole day looking to see if she has come, and when she was come at 5 o'clock five more persons were added and I left there at 10 in the night.

    December 31st. was a normal day. As every day I got up early to do the same as the other ones till night when I got dress and Manuel the child and I went to Francisca's house (my sister in-law) to wait (or await) for the New Year's Cañonazo ( a celebration with bonfires at 12:00 O'clock to welcome the New Year ).

    After the Cañonazo we go back home, Manuel took the child to Mariana's house ( his mother) and left him there, then we go out to a discotheque, but a stomachache that I had at the night club spoiled the rest of the night, the pain was so acute that we had to leave and I was sick untill the epiphany day ( on January 6th.) finally.

    Thus (or so) it was (or were) my christmas days.


    As the rule states I do not want you to make my homeworks, but I am a english student interesting in grammar affairs, and all I want you to do is the corrections upon this matter, your help would be very appreciated and thanked. Please, do not hesitate to teach me.
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