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    in the north / south of Ontario

    I searched the CORPUS OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN ENGLISH for 'in the south of + proper noun', and got 300 results. But LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN ENGLISH says:

    Use in the north/south/east/west, etc. of sth in order to saywhich part of a place you are talking about: The mountains are in the west of the province.
    Use northern/southern/eastern/western, etc. with the name of a place: They have a cabin in northern Ontario. Don’t say “in the north of Ontario.”

    Can we use phrases like 'in the north/south of Ontario' after all?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: in the north / south of Ontario

    I don't know about AmE, but in BrE we can say, "They have a cabin in the north of Ontario", in my opinion.

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