This is the fifteenth and the last part of my short story "A FLAT". Please would you proofread it.

It took Ivan about 10 years until he built his own house. When the two-storey building was finally finished, he walked around it, his heart pounding of joy. His eyes shifted from the house to the palms of his hands and he felt immensely proud of himself. Without any contact with powerful people and without paying bribes, he had succeeded not only in building a beautiful house but also in creating his own company. Now his honey could be purchased all over the country and instead of driving a cart with a pair of oxen, he was now driving a VW van.
Meanwhile, the political situation in the country had changed dramatically. The communists had lost people’s trust and become marginalized. Masses who had before glorified the Great Leader had finally started to understand that they had been manipulated. They tore off his portraits and threw them into the dustbins. The thick and heavy books which the Great Leader had allegedly written during his rule, now could have been found on rubbish tips, together with his busts in all possible sizes and materials.

Former political prisoners had for the first time the opportunity to talk about their terrifying ordeals, although many were still afraid of their torturers, who walked freely in cities and towns, ready to offer their skills and experience to the new government.
Ivan was watching TV one evening and he could not believe his own eyes when he saw comrade Janko making passionate speech to a large crowd in a sport hall. As if by some kind of magic, he had been transformed from a hard-line communist into an ardent nationalist. His authoritative voice was booming from the loudspeakers and now he attacked the Great Leader, the Communist party and the lack of freedom in the past.

He clenched his fist and shook it in the air, his bulldog head crimson with passion and excitement. Then he turned his eyes towards the ceiling and called upon God to help the new party to come to power - comrade Janko who just some months ago was officially an atheist and saw priests, rabbis and imams as the agents of the imperialism.

Undoubtedly, he could be found in church every Sunday, sitting in the first pew, with a large cross hanging from his neck and singing psalms louder than anyone present. In the last months the country was swarming with former comrades who had all of a sudden become nationalists, spreading hatred and preparing people for the war.

They knew that masses had short memory and they were easy to deceive. And poor people who had never learnt to think with their own minds listened to them in awe and promised to follow them until the victory. They were so blind in their ignited hatred that did not think about that the victory meant killing their neighbours and workmates, raping women and destruction of the whole country.
Some weeks after he saw comrade Janko making his speech, Ivan was watching on TV how the city in which he had lived and worked years ago was now turning into hell. He saw not only his former flat becoming rubble, but also the factory in which he had worked and even the house of comrade Janko.

Thousands of shells and bombs were completely destroying decades of peaceful existence and sacrifices. From the comfortable sofa in his living room, he could watch inhabitants of the city being killed in front of the TV cameras: children, mothers with babies in their hands, men, women, young and old, they did not stand a chance.

He could not look at these horrific pictures and went outside in his orchard. It was a beautiful spring day, sun was shining brightly and the trees were in blossom, thousands of bees swarming and buzzing in the treetops. He envied them and wished he could be one of them, away from killing, destruction, hatred, lies and manipulations.