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    Please Help me on my doubts.. I have to create a Notice for a spritual charity here I have post the notice which I have created... there are some gramatical mistakes and Modify with some standard words.. PLEASE Correct and let me know my mistakes, I hope this site will be help for my englidh language enhancement. please have look and help me..



    We Pleased to inform that we are regulating and bring up new Rules and working procedures due to reduce the Working load and Considering Welfare of our staffs.
    The XYZ Admin Demanding to follow the below Rules and Regulations.
    1. All the staffs in Every field (Housekeeping, Gardeners, Drivers and etc.. ) has a Supervisor. The Supervisor has the power to Instruct, Supervise and Guide in the proper manner to get positive outcomes.

    2. All the Supervisors working in every field (Housekeeping, Gardeners and etc..) has an
    In-charger, those who have the power to give Works and other’s Orders relevant to the field.

    3. The Main Admin of XYZ has the all power to Take Final Decisions and Provide Guidelines.

    4. For every Complaint, Suggestions and requirements made by the staffs are permitted to approach only their relevant supervisors. And in the Absence of Supervisors on the day or any Dissatisfaction of any staffs with their entire supervisors, the staffs are encourage to approach their Respective In-Charger those who is authoritative for the relevant Field.

    5. Supervisors are permitted to guide, Instruct and supervise the staffs with the respect of In-Chargers Order.

    6. Every working process which determined by the degree of each Working process. will be pass through this entire hierarchy channels by Passing memo’s and Official letters with the approvals of relevant Authorized persons.

    All this New Rules and Working Procedures are applicable for every Staffs and Supervisors who working under XYZ org.

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    For a start, only the first word of each sentence needs to be capitalised.

    Please change all the others and post again.


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