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    Exclamation sequencing words - a few minuter later


    can somebody tell me when do we use 'a few minuter later'? Is it a sequencing word or not? Can I use it in narrative when in the sentence before I used first? It seems to me a bit complicated.

    Thank you verz much

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    Re: sequencing words - a few minuter later

    ***Not a teacher***

    Here is an example of its use, following a sentence with 'first' in narrative text.

    "He began to search in the kitchen first, then a few minutes later, he moved into the dining room to search there."

    I would call it a 'sequencing word' in the sense that it helps to provide an idea of sequence in a story (although I must admit, if 'sequencing word' is a recognised grammatical term, I am only guessing at its meaning).

    Does this answer your question? Or are there other things about its use that make it seem complicated to you?


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