I want to take classes at the university where I work but I was told that I first need to take a test called English as a foreign language. I have searched online and so far I have found several tests that fit the description I was given but none of them have the exact same name as the one mentioned by my university. If anyone can tell me the real name for this test and what it is about I would really appreciate it.
I would also like to hear any tips on how to prepare for it and how much time I need to set aside to study.
I am slightly dyslexic and even though it only affects my spelling I am worried that it might cause me to fail a test like this.
All the written exams I have ever taken for English have been with dictionaries available, so my score will probably be dramatically different without any help.
Also, can it really be true that I need to take this test to be allowed to take classes but not to teach at the same institution?
Thank you in advance for any help or advice.