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Thread: (differance)

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    Question (differance)

    hello everybody:
    would you plz tell me the differance between these words i really dont know how to use them in a correct way :
    (1)given name (2)pet name (3)nick name (3)pseudonym (4)initial

    thanks for ur help

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    Re: (differance)

    - given name is the name given at birth

    - pet name is a name that can be used by your parents, friends of a sweet heart - it expresses love, endearment, informality of relationships - Doug for Douglas and Bobby for Robert are pet names.

    - nickname can be the same as a pet name - or it can be other subsitute or invented name for calling the person - 1364 is your nickname

    - pseudonym is what actors, singers, writers and poets can use to conceal their true names or authorship etc.

    - initials are the first letters of the name, whatever name it is

    Hope it helps.
    Good luck

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