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    EVERYone / everyONE ?

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know how to pronounce "Everyone" correctly. In dictionaries, it shows the stress should be on the first syllable, not second syllable, but when I see the talk shows like The late show with David Letterman or BBC......the anchor would say "everyONE", the stress on the second syllable, could you advise if it is correct and common in english world? Thanks.


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    Re: EVERYone / everyONE ?

    Hi EngFan.
    The stress is on "every" when it is the single word "everyone", meaning the whole group of people.
    However, when you are addressing them as a group of individuals it becomes two words, "every one". Meaning every single person. So with your example of the talk show host, he is probably saying something like:

    "I love my audience, every one of you is like a friend".
    "I have a lot of guests, every one of them is talented".

    In both those examples he would normally stress the word "one".


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