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    not too apparent

    Would you help me understand the following passage?

    Malone had seen the lights of a car in the rear-view mirror a few minutes before. When he looked now, the lights were still there--but the fact just didn't register until, a couple of blocks later, the car began to pull around them on the left. It was a Buick, while Boyd's was a new Lincoln, but the edge wasn't too apparent yet.
    Malone spotted the gun barrel protruding from the Buick and yelled just before the first shot went off.

    I don't understand "the edge wasn't too apparent yet" part. The "edge" here seems to mean "superior quality" because later in the text there is a sentence like this: "The Buick and the Lincoln were even on the road now." But why did the author write "too apparent"? What is the difference between "too apparent" and simple "apparent" here? It seems to me that "too" is unnecessary. I appreciate any comments. Thank you.

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    Re: not too apparent

    I learn English and at the same time I teach English.

    No no no. the "edge" here refers to the edge of the car, the Buick.
    "the edge wasn't too apparent yet" here means that they could not see the Buick well yet. then after a moment Malone saw it and also saw the gun barrel.

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