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    correcting sentences

    Dear teachers...

    Could you please proofread these sentences below?

    a) She created many problems to them.
    b) We did together the university.
    c) I'm going to make a course.
    d) He'd like to do more questions.
    e) I stay very nervous when I'm making a test.

    These are my suggestions:

    a) She caused them many problems;
    b) We went to/attended university together;
    c) I am going to take/attend a course
    , unless I am a teacher, I'd say 'make', 'create a course on/about something;
    d) He'd like to ask more questions;
    e) I get very nervous when I am taking a test
    . I am not a techer;

    Thank you
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    Re: correcting sentences

    Your suggestions are all OK.
    Some other possibilities are:
    a) "She created many problems for them".
    c) If you are a teacher you might "give a course about something".
    d) Possibly "he'd like to answer more questions".

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