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    on or in - perplexing

    I am kind of confused about when to use "on" and "in".
    for example in the context below,

    The space shuttle lost a meteor sheild (on/in) launch.

    Do you have any hints to be my guideline on that?
    Thank you.

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    Re: on or in - perplexing

    This is a wide field. The use of either will depend upon the context but there are some ideas you may find helpful.

    In your example, on is correct. This is because the whole sense is one of timing. The controller presses a button to launch the shuttle and the shield fell off. However, if you intend to say that the shield fell off at some time, seconds even, after the launch we would say during the launch.

    Consider these: inside, intend, include, indeed, indoor, infer; on top, onto, onside, on the occasion, on becoming president.
    More reading will help you.

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