Hi everyone,
I'm planning to go to Canada for the academic year 2011/12 in an exchange program with my university, and (as usual) I'm asked to write a cover letter in English, so I'd be glad if one of you could correct it, so that I won't get dismissed because of it...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently a third year student of undergraduate studies in English at the University of Nantes and I am applying for an exchange with Canada for the 2011-2012 academic year.
Following my passion for English, both for the culture in itself as well as for its dimension of 'universal language', I aim at mastering it perfectly and that is why I am applying for this exchange. I have already materialized this passion, for instance through my participation to a jury at an international cinema festival, or through volunteering for the British Cinema Festival organised by the University.

Determined and hard-working, I already have some appreciable skills in English which, combined with my work experiences abroad, are assets that I could usefully apply during this exchange in Canada.

The University of Toronto would provide me an in-depth knowledge of the English-speaking world, in a environment constantly opened to the world. The city of Toronto meets my expectations, both personally and professionally : a multicultural metropolis, intellectual heart/centre [I didn't know which one was best] of the English-speaking Canada, which closeness with the US will immerse me in the North-American culture, while I will discover a new side of my proper history as a French citizen.
This time spent abroad would give me the opportunity to round off my curriculum thanks to a daily practise of the language. This immersion seems to me essential for the continuation of my studies which I plan to direct towards international relations.

[usual form of address]

That's it !
Don't hesitate to criticize or show me what is not colloquial, or maybe what does not make sense, I really want this letter to be the best possible !
Thanks !