Please Check my letter. Need a lot of advice. Thank you for helping in advance.

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } Dear Sir/Madam

Doing business in the age of globalization, Strategic Management is becoming the most important part of any organization, whether it be small, or big companies. Strategic management actually helps in achieving the organizational goal in an effective and efficient manner.

Coming from a business family makes me interested in Strategic Management, Business Concept and International Business. My interest increased continuously, when I was in high school, I started reading Business and Management books like : “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Warren Buffet's Books”, “Who Stole My Cheese?”. However, after high school, I decided first to have a degree in economics areas with a strong analytical component, for considering that Economics foundations are essential to any kind of business.

My educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding programe. I have gained my Bachelor of Economics majored in Monetary Economics with the 2nd class honors from xxx University, considered as the best business university in Thailand. Graduation in Monetary Economics has provided a strong foundation in understanding : Factors of investment decision, Economics Concept and Business Concept. Bachelor of Economics degree has not given me a sound and firm grounding in Economics but also developed my analytical and rational thinking skill. Managerial Economics, International Monetary Economics, International Business and Marketing were the main subjects in which I had always excelled right from my bachelor degree. Throughout my university education, I have been a keen participant in extra-curricular activities. I had been selected for a principal role in 2005 faculty's memorial book project and been promoted to be chief of editor in 2007's book. This helped me polish my organizational and interpersonal skills. I also worked as Vice-president of economics faculty. My work involved in planning important event at the faculty and also cooperate with university.

In 2007, my first job, acting as an intern in Research Department of ccc Bank, I did an impressive research and presentation on the topic : “Housing Subprime in USA” and got “excellent” grade from my manager. However, it was working in vvv Co.,Ltd. (SYS) that I developed new skills, knowledge and ability to understand how Strategic Planning are complexed.

SYS , one of the ddd group in Japan and the important joint venture of fff (SCG), was a perfect place for tremendous growth both at personal and professional levels. My role as the production planner helped me develop my management, decision making, problem solving and negotiation skills. I was responsible for coordinating with others team to design the production plan that achieved sales and production targets under the tight constraints. I also used my diplomatic skill to resolve the problems and discover the best outcomes for the company. This has given me a developed of a strong analytical ,creative business mind and the spirit of teamwork being here. I learnt to be more patient, assertive and a quick learner.

After 2 years of working, I would like to gain a deeper theoretical knowledge in Strategic Management and practical skills to achieve my goals, feel highly competitive, valuable professional and attractive in any industry and company. A formal Master degree from an esteemed international institution like yours will be able to give me a good grounding on the latest theories of management combined with strong real world experience. The optional internship program will help me get first-hand experience of the qualities required from a good consultants and give me valuable inputs in the decision making behind global marketing strategies, it will allow me to learn more innately and get a better global perspective to various key issues. After finishing my masters, I intend to work in multinational companies in the area of business consult. I am confident that xxx at yyy will provide me the knowledge, experience and confidence to realize my goals.

I am looking forward to strat my master in xxx at yyy and being active in as many facet as possible to boost my employment credebtials and gain valuable experinces. I enclose a curriculum vitae and two references from my professor and my manager. I am waiting for your kind and positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be more than happy to provide any further information or documents if required.