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    I need your opinions. Plz help!

    Hi, guys! The answer is (A) but (D) cannot be an answer?
    If not, why it can't be? Plz help. I'd like to hear experts' opinions. ^^
    Oh, one more... 800 and 1000 mean the score or the number of people?
    Thank you.

    A result of 800 out of 1000 in the aptitude test
    is just ------- the average score achieved by
    our graduate recruits.

    (A) below
    (B) among
    (C) toward
    (D) on
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    Re: I need your opinions. Plz help!

    From the context, 80 out of 100 indicates the score on the aptitude test. This would be equivalent to 80% - in this case.

    Regarding the comparison to the average - given the choices - the only one that fits the context is "below". The other comparisons would be 'above', or 'at'.

    "On average" has a different meaning - and would be usable in a different context. But it doesn't fit, here.

    Not a teacher, 53-year-old American.
    Ö and thatís my opinion

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