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    Question "Check It Out"

    This idiom appers very frequently in the hip-pop songs, I'm curious about the meaning it carries there.

    Thank you~

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    Re: "Check It Out"

    If you check something out, you look at it, or listen in this case, and see how good it is.

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    Re: "Check It Out"


    Thank you~~

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    Re: "Check It Out"

    Nice, I've learnen a new Idiom!

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    Re: "Check It Out"

    Loooook at thaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: "Check It Out"

    can you give me a sentence use "check it out"

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    Talking Re: "Check It Out"

    Image we are good friends and both like watching movie. One day, some guy said that the Lion King is very worthy to have a look. so in this case, we may say "Ok, let's check it out".


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