I will appreciate any advice, opinions and corrections! What should I add or take off? (This is my first draft)

At a early age I demonstrated a strong passion and interest in fashion. I remember when I would skim through fashion magazines such as Vogue and being mesmerized by the different styles and exotic models. Apart from my facination for fashion, I strongly wanted to pursue modeling. Unfortunately, I was not able to afford modeling classes, but this did not affect my drive. At the same time my love and attraction for fashion magazines and modeling sparked the idea of choosing a career that involves fashion. With my experience and knowledge I decided that Fashion Merchandising and Marketing is the perfect area of study and career for me. I will love to work closely with the fashion industry in order to expand my knowledge about the business of fashion.

As I grew older, I participated in fashion related activities such as being apart of the Fashion Club in my high school. This opened many doors for me since I was able to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a model. I was lucky enough to build a presentable portfolio with the help from local designers and photographers in New York City. At that point of my life, I knew that I could pursue anything as long as I set my mind to it.

My main goal is to earn a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. With this degree I hope to pursue my dream of becoming a successful Fashion Merchandiser. As a Fashion Merchandiser, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends. Keeping up with trends is what I have been doing for a long time. My sources come from my forever expanding collection of fashion magazines and books. My knowledge about trends will be very helpful with setting up displays, predicting upcoming trends, and knowing the kinds of fabrics, prints, and colors that will attract the eyes of the customers. Additionally, I have excellent communication skills. This is important to Fashion Merchandisers since they work very closely with other professionals in the fashion industry. Overall, I believe that Fashion Merchandising and Marketing is a field that I can succeed since I am familiar with how it functions.

After researching and visiting many colleges and universities, College name stood out to me the most. This college is one of a kind since it offers many different classes and provides opportunites that can enhance my understanding about the business side of fashion. The location of the college itself is also convenient for me because it is located in one of biggest fashion cities. Thus, College name is where I desire to attend in fall 2011