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    the definite article before names of banks

    I am wondering whether the definite article can be used before names of banks. What is your take on it? Can we say the Federal Bank, the Dhanlekshmi Bank, the Axis Bank, the Catholic Syrian Bank...

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    Re: the definite article before names of banks

    This depends upon the context.

    Deutsche Bank is short of capital.
    Which banks are short of capital? RBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays and LloydsTSB.

    At the meeting (the) Deutsche Bank staff were very vocal.
    The Federal Bank of New York is issuing more bonds.

    You can see that there are times when the is not required, times when it is a matter of choice and then when it should be used. Confusing? Yes, but with time you will understand when it sounds right.
    Reading will help you here and obviously reading the financial pages.

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