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Thread: sentence form

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    sentence form

    Hi. Can someone help with the form of these sentences, focusing on the bits in brackets :

    1.a) I stopped to tie my shoelace.
    b) I stopped smoking.

    2.I'm meeting Dave for lunch on Sunday. (I'm meeting)

    3. Sha takes after her father. (takes)

    4. You'd have caught the train if you'd woken up earlier!

    And, could you explain the 3rd conditional tense. Thank you for you time,


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    Re: sentence form

    1- stop + infinitive involves stopping one action to begin another. stop + gerund involves only stoppi ng one action
    2- present progessive for appointments
    3- phrasal verb
    4- third conditional
    The third conditional is not a tense, but a structure used, as in 4, for imagining alternatives to what actually happened with a past action.

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