I am doing a thesis statement based on 1 thing I enjoy doing and 2 reasons why I enjoy doing it.(1st sentence is required to be underlined.)I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance

I like to play in virtual worlds because I enjoy the diverse social community and I am able to earn an income selling virtual wares that I create. In the past ten years, I have spent most of my spare time in virtual environments meeting people from all over the world, exploring new places and creating virtual items. During that time I created thousands of virtual wares for people to use for free. Presently, I play and make items in a virtual world called Second Life. In my opinion it is one of the most advanced multiplayer graphic chats of the internet era. It turned out to be different than any other graphic chat environment that I had ever been involved with. When I first joined the Second Life community I quickly discovered that all of the content that was located inside this particular virtual world was created by its users. I saw so many incredible places that were created by individuals just like me and I found that I could easily attain anything my digital self, or avatar, could want by shopping in one of the thousands of virtual stores. Everything from hair, skin, eyes, clothing, accessories and even body shapes are sold in these stores. I quickly learned that shopping is one of the primary economic activities done in Second Life, both in the virtual sense as well as how the parent company, Linden Labs, made money by selling and buying their currency known as Linden. I also realized that there were many people all over the globe that were making real incomes by selling their own digital creations in these stores.
After spending a few months making friends and exploring some of the incredible places Second Life has to offer , I decided it was time to learn about how to create these types of items myself. I started by watching many tutorial videos on how to create various accessories for avatars and decided I had a gift for being able to create tattoos for both men and women. I presently run a successful business located inside the world of Second Life. I enjoy a fun filled virtual life creating items that I enjoy watching others wear and at the same time I am able to earn a daily income. I feel truly blessed to not only being able to be a creator of virtual wares but that I can do this in an environment that I have always had a fondness for. I believe that being a part of this virtual world is of my favorite things to do in my present life and that there are many others that would benefit from also becoming a part of the Second Life community.