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    Talking please answer me

    What is the meaning of the phrase "babyshower",please?

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    Re: please answer me

    A baby shower = A party for a woman just before she has a baby.

    A woman's girlfriends will give her a party and "shower" her with presents, gifts. (Baby clothes, things for a baby.)

    (When rain falls from the sky, the verb is To Shower... the rain showers from the sky. At this party, presents 'shower' the woman, just like rain would fall from the sky and shower her.

    "Mary, please come to the baby shower we are giving for Susan; she is going to have a baby next month!"

    There are also wedding showers, where a woman's girlfriends give her ('shower' her) with presents before her wedding.
    "My wedding shower was wonderful; my friends showered me with wonderful gifts for my new house."

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