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    correctness of a text

    Dear teachers,

    Is this text below OK?

    It’s nearly impossible to know Natal without visiting the many beaches there are around this city. It’s sunny 24/7 so that describing a rainy day here may sound odd or even worse; it might put a dumper on things. Most-known as “The City Of The Sun”, Natal is beautiful, hot, warm and welcoming. So, if you are here to visit, google the city to know what’s on, the city is blessed with an abundance of fabulous and happening beaches, it is certain that you’ll hear about Ponta Negra, the city’s most famous beach, anything can be found there. If you like the wind, rent a car and drive across the coast, order a fish with an icy cold beer and you’ll feel it. The night life is also interesting; there are places for every pocket or taste. If you enjoy seeing movies, there are easy-to-find malls just 5-10 minutes away from any hotel you are staying at. Unlike most big cities, the only risk here is wanting to stay.

    Many thanks

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    Re: correctness of a text

    It can't be sunny 24/7.

    '...damper', not 'dumper'.

    'Best-known', not 'most-known'.

    Full stop after 'what's on'.

    Semicolons after 'beaches' and 'beach'.


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