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    Question Help: The meaning of aura

    What does aura mean in the giving context blow? Looking for some explanation from you. Thank you!!!

    No, no don't! Stop cleansing my aura! No, just leave my aura alone, okay?

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    Re: Help: The meaning of aura

    It's a spiritual thing surrounding you- if you are upset, it will become negative.

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    Re: Help: The meaning of aura

    ...and if you`d like to get to know more about this or maybe if you only want to uderstand the deeper meaning of the sentence go on reading...
    Here you tackle with some theosophical knowledge which implies that there is more to human being than meets the eye.. and aura is such a `thing`.
    According to theosophy, any-generally speaking-living creature is looked at as a divine consciousness locked in matter, to put it in a diff way: it`s a soul locked in a physical body. Such a soul being here on earth due to The Fall manifests itself according to the depth of that Fall, and it is done through various `bodies`, the first one is the physical one of course (it can be seen by everybody), the second one is the ethereal one - it surrounds your physical body and it is made of "lighter matter" though it can be seen by eyes, the third one is your astral body and it is your aura, I will stop here and I`ll try to explain what it is and how it works.
    Aura generally shows your state of emotions, current, and those that are much more constant, it shows what you are like in terms of character and `thoughts you think`, in other words it is a mirror of your emotional state.
    It can be seen as a cloud or a cocoon of colours around your physical body and each colour and each shade of any particular colour represents one particular emotion, being in love - pink, open-minded and wisely intelligent - yellow, hate - grey or even black. But there is something more important about aura - it`s a chakra (circle) or rather 7 main chakras, like root chakra - responsible for feeling safe or being wealthy, sexual chakra, solar plexus chakra, etc. Those all chakras are responsible for circulation of energy (whatever kind of energy one thinks it may be) that is responsible for your emotional health. For example: when you get nervous your aura is being filled with dark clouds that don`t allow the energy to flow freely and it affects 1st - your aura, 2nd - your physical body, according to the rule that the creation begins always at the higher plane (here: astral body=thoughts and emotions) and then it becomes noticable at the lower plane (physical body for example).
    And now you can understand what the sentence means, people (at least those who can see aura and who know how to approach the sense of it) cleanse aura in order to get better in a wide meaning of this word, they do it by getting rid of those dark energies - dark clouds that usually not just only stick to you as long as you behave in a way that makes their being produced be possible (you are what you think...and feel) but also they affect your life in terms of ... - make a list of anything you`re not successful in or rather of what you THINK you can`t be successful in.
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