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    Arrow could you please asset my IELTS essay? which band score do you believe i can get?

    topic:some parents let their children live in another country or a bigger city and study in a college. Is it a positive development? What are the reasons? Give examples and state your opinion.

    Nowadays, some young students are let to study abroad by their parents. However it has some negative psychological effects, it is totally is an effective improvement in their living skills. The aforementioned will be enlightened more.

    In the first place, both depression and anxiety can be mentioned as two worst effects of inhabiting and studying abroad especially during adolescence period. The most important reason is that youth have more sensitive spirits therefore they need more attention and support than adults. Moreover, studying can be a stressful process that creates more psychological pressure on students. As a result, students maybe faced with educational failure during their college. According to recent research that has been carried out in UCL University, educational performance of student mostly is being threatened by depression and anxiety. It is suggested by experts that young students especially who live independently should use relaxation techniques, do exercises and keep a close relationship with their parents to avoid detrimental aspects of going abroad.

    Aside from few negative effects, continuing education in a foreign city or country is a unique and perfect experience. Youth learn how to react to social challenges, how to treat people in real world and gain a great deal of knowledge about living methods. As they experience living alone, they have to solve their social and personal problems solitarily. Therefore, their mental abilities like social problem solving and self confidence are going to be improved. Not only social and psychological abilities will be influenced but also their economical and financial managing abilities will be organized more effective, and of course this is not all.

    To put the whole issue in a nutshell, I myself to a great extent agree with the idea of studying abroad because of the fact that its merits of considerably are more.
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