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    Question how to learn english well?

    I went to this forum casually but found this english studying suggestion thread luncly !

    i have graduated to one university in china , so far ,i have learned english for about 9 years as most of the students in china. but i cann't speak english freely with the foreigner . yet not all of us are the same,just the most . and the principal reason is most of the chinese students only can learn english expecially the boring grammar and words .

    Generally, you will see there are so many grammar books or dictionarys stacked on their desks ,maybe an exam just is a piece of cake for them as the checking points are grammar and new words.

    what's more ? noting ar~~~ theY can learn english but cann't use it ! the main proof is most of them cann't speed english ,or can say they donot dare to speek in from of the teacher or a foreigner .why ? because they are afraid of facing they mistakes when a wrong word or a wrong sentence come out of their mouth ! that is what called mute english in china .

    in all .i think the best way for the chinese to learn english is speaking! enjoy losting your face , just forget about your face ,the more you speak ,the more progress you will make . and grammar is noting for you !

    by the way , i hop e to make friends with some foreign fuys , and here is my msn , just add me if you would .

    or you can click my blog site for a visit ,you cann't miss it
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