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    Gramps??? Pop???

    I just watched a video where two neighboors were having a discussion.
    At the beginning of the video the name of each character appears above their heads. The name of the old man was "Gramps" and the name of the younger man was "Pop".

    After watching the video I found out that Gramps and Pop is an informal version of Grandfather and father.
    So here is my question, are "Gramps" and "Pop" person`s names as well?
    for some reason I have the feeling that if I see an old man I can call him "Gramps", even if I'm not part of his family. How about "Pop" is it for a 30-year-old guy?

    Please don't assume that I will be disrespectful with old people.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Gramps??? Pop???

    It would be disrespectful to call an older man "Gramps," unless you knew him well and were sure he would take it as a term of endearment. "Pop" is out of favor as a term for a father, at least in my experience. "Dad" is more common for a father. In fact, variations of Pop or Pappy are terms often used for grandfathers now.

    Families vary in their names used, of course.

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    Smile Re: Gramps??? Pop???

    I would go ever farther than SoothingDave. It is not merely disrespectful to call a stranger Gramps -- it is downright insulting. If you did it to me, I would whack you with my cane!

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