This is the fifth part of my short story "Women." Please, would you proofread it.

In one moment Leif put his hand on her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek.
"Oh!" Anna said, but continued to turn the pages and pointing at the photographs, telling him who was on them. Encouraged by his first kiss, Leif kissed her again on the neck and under her left ear, just as he had seen actors did in the films.
"You're so impatient! she said. "Look, I've got goose pimples." She pulled up the sleeve of her dress showing him tiny spots on her skin. She put the album on the table and hugged Leif affectionately. He smothered her with kisses, his hands caressing all over her body.

After a while she rose, and holding him in hand took him to her bedroom. It was a little room with a double bed, bedside table, chair and chest of drawers - there was no space for more objects. The Venetian blinds were closed and a little lamp on the windowsill shone red light on bedclothes. They both took off their clothes and when Leif saw for first time a living naked woman in front of him, his body shuddered with excitement. Soon they lay together, entwined in a passionate game, moaning with pleasure and lust.

When Leif was on his way back home, he thought that this was the best thing that happened to him in his life. If God wanted to punish him and kill him in this moment, Leif would die peacefully -the scene in Anna's bedroom still present and vivid in his mind. He knew that his life was never going to be the same again after he had felt a woman's smooth skin under his fingers.
In the following days and weeks they met often and as soon as he woke up Leif would yearn after and hurry to her flat to explore every part of her body and satiate his drive. However, after a few months Anna got a job in another city and moved away, leaving Leif sad, but also resolute to meet other women and explore their bodies.
He felt like a boy who had tasted a chocolate, became addicted and now had to find it again at any price. He wanted to feel women's lips on his face, their fingers and nails pressing his skin, their voices moaning under his body in ecstasy.
He began to go outside at weekends, visiting pubs and night clubs and hoping that sooner or later a woman was going to lend up in his bed.
Unfortunately, the only female who seemed to be interested in him were those over fifty years of age, and who would speak to him in their slurred voices, their breath smelling of alcohol and cigarettes.
They would certainly not refuse him, and he would probably spend the whole night penetrating their bodies, but he was not interested in them. He needed someone with firm breasts which felt like rape pears filled with sweet juice, well-toned tights and behind.
However,he did not know how to talk to them, what they were interested in and what they expected from a man.

Still his main problem was his shyness which he could not surmount despite him promising himself that he would not be tense, that beautiful women were nothing special, that they were yearning for a man and his strong hands. It seemed to him that he would easier climb Mount Everest than catch one of these beauties and spend a few hours in her company.
If he could at least intoxicate himself like the others and find some courage, his task would be much easier, but he could not consume more than three bottles of beer without feeling sleepy and tired. He wished he was one of those immigrants from the warmer countries who spoke to women without any inhibitions.

He would watch them with envy while they gathered around them the most beautiful women who enjoyed their company all the evening, giggling, hugging and kissing. Around the closing time Leif would become gloomy watching these black haired men leaving the nightclub, accompanied by gorgeous blondes and brunettes who followed them obediently like cats.