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    What could 'ofsted' mean in this sentence?

    Hi all,
    This I got in a text from someone and I wonder what it means. I suppose it's a shotened form, but have no clue what it is!
    Here is the sentence:

    'Hey for future reference I'm a ofsted registered childminder!'

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: What could 'ofsted' mean in this sentence?

    I am not a teacher.

    "Ofsted" is short for "Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills", a British government agency.

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    Re: What could 'ofsted' mean in this sentence?

    The childminder is registered by Ofsted home / Ofsted - Ofsted

    FYI Because OfStEd operates a system of school inspections, 'ofsted' is often used as a countable noun, referring to this sort of inspection: 'Everything's frantic at school at the moment - we've got an ofsted next week.'


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