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    Re: Help: to enrich my APPLICATION/RESUME

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Help: to enrich my APPLICATION/RESUME

    I've removed it- I only just found it.

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    Re: Help: to enrich my APPLICATION/RESUME

    I recommend addressing your cover letter to a person rather than "To Whom It May Concern."
    Do some research and try to find a person's name and then personalize the cover letter.
    Which greeting is better?
    1. Dear Sirs: Dear Sir/Madam: Dear Gentlemen: To Whom it May Concern
    2. Dear Hiring Manager: Dear HR Director: Dear Human Resources:
    3. Dear Mrs. Smith: Dear Mr. Jones: Dear Lilly Thomas:
    #1 is the worst of the bunch. #2 is better, but #3 is what you should strive for.
    The typical, "To whom It may concern" concerns no one in particular.
    Do the research and find out TO Whom you should address your cover letter. If you can't find it use a greeting from #2.
    Hope this helps.
    You can find more tips for resume cover letters in the Free eBook found at
    Press on to Success,

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